The Joost™ Outboard

A third of the weight
all of the power

A disruptive engine design putting the ‘pick up and go’
back into portable outboards

About the Joost Outboard


The Joost Engine is like no other – a compact, lightweight internal combustion engine combining the low-emissions, high-efficiency and reliability of a modern 4-stroke, with the power-density and simplicity of a 2-stroke

Simple &

Its novel, yet simple design means that the Joost outboard has around 70% fewer parts than the competition and is about a third of the weight

Born in the UK

The Joost Engine is the brainchild of Ollie Jukes.

A keen off-road motorcyclist, Ollie conceived the idea whilst looking for an answer to the expensive, heavy and complex 4-stroke engines being offered by manufacturers.

As part of a growing team, Ollie is now overseeing validation and productionisation of the company’s launch product, the Joost Outboard.