The engine

Joostâ„¢ was founded upon its novel 2-stroke internal combustion engine, with which it plans to disrupt multiple product markets, starting with the marine outboard

The Joost engine has all the weight, power and simplicity benefits of a 2-stroke engine, but with the emissions and efficiency performance of modern 4-strokes.

Its opposed piston, single cylinder design is scalable from 5hp to 50hp, perfectly balanced for whisper-quiet operation, and multi-fuel compatible.

Key features & benefits


As few as one-third of the parts


As little as one-third of the weight


Contained oil system for smokeless operation


Designed to meet modern emissions standards


Compact size with reduced frontal area


Balanced for low-vibration and noise

About the Company

Joost Engines was founded by Ollie Jukes in 2014, with the backing of Longwall Ventures.

The engine has since been developed from concept to proof-of-product and the company is now building a team to launch its first product, the Joost Outboard.

Meet the team