Launch product

The Joost

At one-third the weight of its competitors, the Joost™ outboard engine will not only put the ‘pick up and go’ back into portable outboards, but open up new opportunities in the marine leisure sector through its unrivalled power-to-weight characteristics.

Joost’s first outboards will be in the sub-15hp range and fully emissions compliant for personal as well as commercial use.

Key features & benefits


One-third the weight of today’s 4-stroke outboards


Designed for compliance with RCD, EPA and CARB emissions regulations


Designed for storage and transport in any orientation


Perfect engine balance and sub-surface positioning for whisper-quiet operation


Contains 70% fewer parts than today’s 4-stroke outboards


Resistant to fuel fouling during long periods of storage

Technical specs

  • Single cylinder, opposed piston
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Launch models up to 15hp
  • Pull start
  • Conventional electric fuel injection
  • Dry weight: 13kg

About the Joost Engine

It has all the weight, power and simplicity benefits of a 2-stroke engine, but with the emissions, efficiency and reliability of modern 4-strokes.

About the Joost engine